About Us

We are a group of concerned citizens.
We are advocating our support for the political party, and all politicians who stand for a clean environmental future, a flourishing public education system, and a more equitable tax distribution.
Our aim is to cut through the hollow political rhetoric in order to get to the heart of the real issues. We are advocating meaningful dialogue rather than dishonest debate.
We genuinely want people to understand the meaning, and care about the future, of democracy.
In order to bring about a more responsive and responsible government, we stand for five basic principles, aims or goals:
  1. No more cuts to education.
  2. Restore trust in government.
  3. A more equitable tax distribution.
  4. A clean environmental future for our children.
  5. A flourishing and prosperous middle class. 
Our overarching aim is to stop the polarization which is destroying the ability of our government to compromise and work together.
We are asking you to join us in Advocating Democracy.