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The Court of Republican Opinion: Exonerated or Convicted, Hillary Will Always Be Guilty to the Right-Wing



Yesterday the Director of the FBI, James Comey, stated that no charges would be brought against Hilary Clinton for her use of a private e-mail server while she was Secretary of State. Last week Trey Gowdy concluded his investigation into what happened in Benghazi, and found that Hilary Clinton had done nothing wrong. In the long run no one will remember that she has essentially been exonerated in both of these cases, because she has already been ‘convicted’ in the court of Republican opinion.

We have all heard of the stories of the person accused of a crime showing up on page one of the newspaper. Later his exoneration shows up on page three but no one remembers the exoneration. This happens constantly with Secretary Clinton– it is all of the Republicans accusations that are piling up.

Charles Krauthammer, the Fox ‘news’ pundit, when asked last week about whether the Benghazi report would hurt Hilary’s chances of being elected president, stated that “this” wouldn’t hurt her, but in combination with all of the other accusations would build up. It is the perception that matters. And this reveals their tactic. Throw enough mud and something may stick– even if it was you that muddied the waters.

This Republican strategy was already revealed last year when House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, stated that “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable.”

Keep in mind that the Benghazi ‘witch hunt’ that McCarthy was referring to was the eighth one that they have held– they already held seven previous investigations and found no evidence that Hilary Clinton had done anything wrong. So they spent two more years, and seven million dollars of taxpayer money, took more time than the investigation into Watergate, the Kennedy assassination, or the 9/11 commission– in order to sabotage her presidential bid. They dragged this out to coincide with the national conventions when everyone was paying attention, but then realized that they had a dud on their hands.

Remember the 1990s?!

When Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992, Republicans immediately began attacking his character, and that of his wife. When angry Republicans took over the House in 1994, they began impeachment proceedings– not officially, they had to find something first. But they were going to impeach him for something, they just didn’t know what yet.

The Republican Congress spent the 90s going from one fake scandal to another. They accused the Clintons of corruption in the Whitewater real estate deal, they accused the Clintons of murdering Vince Foster, they even investigated their use of Christmas card lists. They found nothing– until Monica Lewinski produced a stained dress. And the Republicans dropped everything else.

From one fake scandal to another…

Heads I Win– Tails You Lose

This is how we used to flip coins when we were children, trying to frame the outcome in our favor whatever it happened to be.

This is also how Donald Trump framed the FBI investigation  when he said last week that if she is not indicted this “proves that the system is rigged”. Actually it proves nothing of the kind. It simply shows that there was no reason to indict Hilary Clinton for some alleged ‘crime’ that she didn’t commit.

Fox ‘news’ has been out to get the Clintons since 1992. Twenty-four years of bad press takes its toll eventually. So it is no surprise that they are spinning James Comey’s statement today in order to ‘prove’ the Hilary is guilty of something. The Fox ‘news’ crowd has already convicted her, there is nothing that can be done to prove her innocence, as far as they are concerned. Again, she has already been convicted in the court of Republican opinion.

This is a problem with ideology. Once a hypothesis has been accepted as true anything can be used in order to support it. It is unfalsifiable. Keep in mind Donald Trump’s statement last week: “if she is not indicted that would prove that the system is rigged.”

But also keep in mind the lead up to the Iraq war. Before the invasion weapons inspectors said that they could find no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. The Bush Administration (lead by Cheney) said that this ‘proves’ that Saddam Hussein is good at hiding them. There were never any weapons found!

By November, when we go to the polls, all the Republicans want you to remember are the number of the accusations that have been hurled at Hilary Clinton. They want the perception to be that there must be something to them if there are this many accusations.

Americans say that we don’t like dirty politics. But what are we likely to reward? Unfortunately dirty politics seems to work. It certainly takes its toll.

But what I find almost laughable is that more Americans think that Donald Trump is more honest and trustworthy than Hilary Clinton.  Lets’ see what turns up- keep an open mind.

No Justice For John Crawford III

John Crawford III

On August 5th, a 22-year-old black man shopping at Walmart was seemingly gunned down in cold blood by the police. On September 24th, a grand jury said the shooting was justified.

Be warned, but judging from the surveillance video, posted below, this young man was murdered, and the fact that no one is even being tried for his killing is a tragic and disgusting miscarriage of justice.

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Giving Advice that Keeps Women Safe is Not Always Victim-Blaming

In our zeal to not blame victims of rape, do we sometimes miss out on good advice?

Blaming Victim Protest Sign
Obviously, blaming women for being raped is wrong. No matter how short a woman’s skirt is, this is never an invitation for her to be touched without her permission. When someone, especially an elected official or high profile person, attempts to pin fault on the victim, this should be vehemently denounced.

However, in our zeal to cast blame where it rightfully should be cast (on rapists), too many of us become outraged at anything that even suggests that women can take steps to lower their chances of being assaulted.

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Fox News Airs 244 Segments Perpetuating an Easily Debunked Lie

Skeptical Kid Fox News Meme

According to a new study from Media Matters, Fox News has a serious fetish for the “Benghazi controversy.”

Between the time of the attacks and May of this year, just 5 Fox News programs aired 1,098 segments about Benghazi.

What I find most interesting, and dishonest, is that they aired 244 segments about President Obama not calling the attacks “terror” or a “terrorist act.” This is despite the fact that the day after the attack, Mr. Obama referred to it as an “act of terror.”

Which can only mean one of two things. Either there is a significant difference between a “terrorist act” and an “act of terror,” or Fox News would rather hurt than President the report the truth. I will leave it to you to decide.

Feminists Do Not Hate Men, Chauvinists Do

Feminism has become a dirty word, and many women, including some celebrities, have come out recently to explain why they are not feminists.

Why I'm Not a Feminist Sign

The above picture says it all – many women believe in the equality of women and men, not the superiority of women above men.

But wait… the Oxford Dictionary defines feminism as: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” It turns out that feminists don’t believe women are superior to men – women who think that are chauvinists, not feminists. Feminists only want equality.

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Conservatives Are Up in Arms Over… Pineapple S’mores?

The U.S. Forest Service recently posted a blog about fire safety and healthy s’mores options. Of course, this “scandal” has gotten the attention of Fox News.

Pineapple S’mores

To celebrate National Roasted Marshmallow Day (Aug 30th), the U.S. Forest Service posted a blog in which they suggest some ways to make s’mores a little healthier.

The article begins with some simple fire safety tips (don’t make a fire in zones where fire is restricted, watch small children near the fire, etc.). It then goes on to make suggestions such as using a piece of grilled pineapple instead of chocolate, or “angel food cake instead of graham crackers.” It also suggests using marshmallow cream instead of actual marshmallows because it makes portion control easier.

Where most of us see recipes that we simply will not try (for who wants to mess with the perfection that is a s’more), it seems that some at Fox News see a government overstepping its bounds.

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