Democracy on Trial

In one sense, democracy is always on trial. The verdict is reflected in how we conduct ourselves. The democratic process is ongoing, and we should constantly deliberate.

In another sense, however, “We The People” come to a major verdict every four years. This is the most important verdict that we, as citizen’s of a democracy, get to decide. We pass judgement and choose who we think best represents our interests. It is the citizen-jurors in a democracy who continually decide the fate of the nation.

But, a jury is supposed to weigh the evidence objectively, impartially, and deliberate before a decision is reached. One would hope that in our most important ‘verdict’ as a democracy, we would have the same considerations–but we don’t and this is a sad reflection on our own democratic process. It is reflected in our own judgement of ‘the direction of our country’.

This section of our website will weigh the evidence for and against the two competing visions for our country, and thus the two presidential contenders.

Stay Tuned…