Judge Roy Moore: I don’t generally commit rape.





Statutory rape is defined as an adult having sex with a person who is under the age of consent. When Sean Hannity asked Roy Moore in a radio interview if dating young women was ‘consistent’ with his past behavior, Moore replied “Not generally, no”. In other words, he doesn’t generally commit statutory rape.

Even two conservative pundits on Hannity’s television show said that the interview was damning for Roy Moore. Geraldo Rivera saying that the interview essentially ended Roy Moore’s political career. We’ll see.

Men are pigs: both on the left and on the right. But what happens when one of the ‘pigs’ gets caught? Look at Harvey Weinstein, Louis C K, and Donald Trump.

In what may turn out to be “the year of the woman” (see below) sexual harassment and sexual misconduct allegations are flying on the left and the right. Look at the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein and Louis C K. As soon as the allegations on Weinstein came out, he resigned or was fired, and has now been completely ostracized by the liberals in Hollywood. He is persona non grata in all liberal circles.

Louis C K admitted that these allegations are true and took a retreat from public life to say he had some self-examination to do.

After the allegations concerning Donald Trump became known, the conservatives elected him president. As soon as President Obama left office the polls on vice and forgiveness in conservative circles flipped:

What about the allegations concerning Judge Roy Moore? While no one has yet ‘proved’ that the person who spent his whole life ‘judging’ others for their immoral behavior, which he thinks includes homosexual acts between two consenting adults—the picture that is emerging about his younger years are creepy, to say the least. It seems that all those rumors swirling around his hometown have a foundation. It is reported that he was banned from some shopping malls for cruising for young women—the very definition of a ‘predator’.

While, Moore of course denies the allegations (and he may deny them all the way to hell) the evidence is mounting to an overwhelming consensus. However, it seems that the majority of white evangelicals are all to ready to forgive other white evangelicals, while holding nothing but contempt for the rest of us.

Although many Republicans in the Senate have now distanced themselves from Judge Roy Moore, president Don the Con has refused to jump on the bandwagon—where he usually leads from, when he is not supporting Neo-Nazis or the KKK. I suppose that it may even be too much for president Con Man to distance himself from someone who is also accused of sexually predatory behavior.

In what, I hope, may turn out to be “The Year of The Woman” — which will turn into a decade, then again into a century– women are coming forward  to finally call an end to the sexual harassment and abuse of women, and the predatory behavior of way too many men. Women are also seeking political office in record numbers, which will hopefully produce drastic changes in our dysfunctional political system.

Everyone except sexual predators and their supporters welcomes this much needed change in American Culture.  Stay tuned to see what happens with Roy Moore.