Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless

“He doesn’t fit the profile.” This is what is being said about last weekend’s mass murderer. He is a white male with a lot of guns. Just because he was 64 years old with a lot of money, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t fit the ‘profile’. Just what is the profile of a psychopath?

It doesn’t make sense that he owned 47 weapons, many of them assault rifles, converted to make them fully automatic. It doesn’t make sense that he planned this out, carrying those weapons to that room, overlooking that venue at that time. It doesn’t make sense that someone needs 47 assault rifles: but hey, this is America: land of the free and home of the brave.  It doesn’t make sense that we don’t have any way of tracking these weapons, which might call attention to someone amassing his own personal arsenal.

There are over 300 million guns in America. They are owned by 36% of the population. Most of these people own only one gun, but there are many who obviously stockpile weapons—waiting for some apocalypse. One that they themselves may carry out. It makes no sense, but hey, this is America.

This is America, where Republican politicians stand by and allow this to happen—offering only a prayer and continued silence. It makes no sense.

Ghosts of Charles Wittman

In August of 1966, Charles Wittman killed 13 people and wounded 39 others from the top of a tower in Austin, Texas. He did not have assault rifles, let alone automatic ones, so he only managed to kill 13. Last weekend’s murderer killed 59 and wounded over 500.

Wittman knew that something was wrong with him, his suicide note requested an autopsy be performed, where they found a brain tumor.  This doesn’t mean that all mass murderers have brain tumors. But there is something wrong with their brains, or they wouldn’t do such things.

Republican politicians and their propaganda machine Fox ‘news’ want to write it off as “pure evil”. Which is about the same as saying they were possessed by demons (and not in a metaphorical sense). This is no answer. It is just their way of trying to make sense of the senseless. It doesn’t solve anything, but they don’t intend to. They will continue to let this happen, calling it the price of freedom (as though Europeans are not free). They are not free to own 47 assault weapons, but they are relatively free of gun violence.

This does not mean that we outlaw and confiscate all assault weapons in this country. That is the other extreme. But working together, we may find some sane approach.  Right now Republican politicians are working to make gun silencers legal. This way you can gun down hundreds of people and they can’t even hear that there are bullets flying. Does this make sense? Trying to make sense of the senseless.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school, ninety percent of Americans wanted stronger background checks for gun sales. Republican politicians did nothing. Does this make sense? In a democracy?

Actually, this does make sense. Follow the money.  Republican politicians are not beholden to the citizens of this country, they are beholden to their donors, which include the gun lobby. Their only aim here (no pun intended) is to increase gun sales, which will help line their own pockets. Ah, for kickbacks: Now it is beginning to make sense.

Or, is now not the time to talk about it. For the GOP, it is never the time to talk about it.  Just another excuse for moments of silence.