What Can We Do

A prevailing attitude of the American people is that without money, the only thing left individuals can do is vote. This is not true – even for those of us with no money; donating time is equally, if not more important.

While many Liberals are disappointed with the Democratic Party, if the Republicans regain the White House we will surely lose the gains we have made.

Protests are not enough; like it or not, democracy is politics. Even though politics in America has become a dirty business, if you want to change it, you are going to have to get your hands dirty.

So what can you do?

1) The outcome of this election will depend on turnout. The Republicans are trying to steal this election by suppressing voter turnout, especially in battleground states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. If the Democrats do not get actively involved in voter registration drives and getting people to the polls, we will lose this election.

During the Civil Rights movement, there was The Freedom Riders from the Northern states who rode busses to the south in order to insure that African Americans were able to vote. We need a new generation of Freedom Riders who have the willingness to fight back against a rigged game of voter suppression.

2) If you can’t fight voter suppression directly, go out and talk to people. Studies have shown that face to face conversation is one of the best ways to convince people of your views; however, there are some very important guidlines for being successful:

2a) First, be nice. Once you turn someone off, it becomes harder to win them over to your side. No matter what anyone says to you, be nice.

2b) Second, be presentable. The youth may not judge a person by their clothes and appearance but others do.

2c) And third, work with your party. The side who is more organized wins! There are many things which can be done outside of politics, but there are also many things which cannot be accomplished without politics; this is one of the most important social realities of our time, like it or not.

In short,

Activate – yourself;
Motivate – others; and,
Advocate – for the political party and candidates who stand for a fair tax distribution and flourishing middle class

The Abolitionist Movement, the Women’s Suffrage Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement have all shaped the progression of our country in order to create a better democracy. You must realize, however, that these struggles were neither quick nor easy. They were only successful because they learned from their setbacks, and pressed on. America is ready for a new movement. What you need is to ask yourselves whether you are up to the task.